Homecoming Day One 2018

Boston Reynolds, Reporter

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Grade School Winner Jodi Gibson.

Day one of homecoming 2018 was wear green and bling day.  The grade school winners are Teagan Phipps and Jodi Gibson. The junior high winner of the day is Mia McWilliams. The highschool winner  of the day is Macy Fogle. All the students looked great today but these four students defiantly went all out! The student council puts on games and a pep rally for the week of homecoming. Today the students played human Foosball. Everybody except  the injured students and the elementary played human Foosball. The game was a huge success and everybody looked like they were having a great time!

High school playing a game of human Foosball.

High school winner Senior Macy Fogle on the right with Freshman Dalton Bliss.

Grade School winner 1st grader Teagan Phipps.

Junior Highscool winner 7th grader Mia McWilliams.