Data Do’s and Dont’s

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Data Do’s and Dont’s

Lacey Lawrence and Grace McDonald

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The bubbles on the family group text pop up, you break a cold sweat, and your heart skips a beat when you get the text from your phone provider, you know you’ve went over your data.

According to sophomore Ava Kreider she goes over her family plan of 8 gigabytes monthly. She’s on her phone four to five hours during school and one to two hours after school, mostly using cellular and not wifi. Junior Keenan Murnion, who has an unlimited data plan claims, looking at the data on his phone he uses 15.2 gigabytes a month. He is barely on his phone during school and never before because he has to drive to school with his nephew, but on the weekends is on it most of the time. As a high school student it is very hard to maintain your cellular data plan.   


Restrict itunes in app store and app store downloads

Disable background app refresh

See which apps are using the most data

Disable wifi assist

Disable music, don’t stream

Fetch mail less frequently

Use wifi whenever possible (don’t be afraid to ask for the password)



Use free texting apps

Watch videos on Facebook when not on wifi

Stream music

Forget to set data alerts and limits

Change your browsing habits

Subscribe to offline services

Leave your cellular on roaming when connected to wifi


Talk to your parents and explain your situation on how hard it is to not go over a  plan that isn’t unlimited, especially if multiple people are on the same plan. Consider these do’s and don’ts to help not go over your plan.