Is Stress Worth It?

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Is Stress Worth It?

Ava Kreider and Dillon Smotherman

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Does the thought of juggling sports, school, after school activities, travel, work, and family endeavors create stress in your life? Do you ever ask yourself, is the stress worth it? Well you’re not alone. 49% of students around the country experience stress on the daily. Stress can definitely be an overwhelming factor in daily life, but there are ways that students cope with this stress.
Sophomore Jenna Gibson is a great example. Jenna is on the volleyball team, a part of yearbook, and also in BPA. She, like many students, admits to being overwhelmed with stress at times, but has a trick to dealing with it. She advises you, by any means, to avoid procrastination.
Teacher and coach, Brian Bills also has helpful ways of dealing with stress and time management. His answers were short, but helpful, by simply saying, “ getting enough sleep helps reboot your system, planning ahead and being proactive helps avoid it [stress].”

Did you know 80% of your problems can be prevented? Did you know one hour of planning will save ten hours of doing? Did you know stress also kills brain cells? A calm environment permits the brain cells growth. Your immune system also doesn’t work as well as it should under stressful conditions. Many of your stressful situations were probably created by you, so they can be easily prevented, by you.
Stress is an unavoidable part of life, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it. Too much untreated stress can cause potentially serious physical and mental health problems. Below are a few helpful and simple tips that can help you relieve some of your stress.

10 ways to help relive stress
Listen to music
Call/Talk to friends
Talk yourself through it
Eat right
Laugh it off
Drink some tea/coffee
Be mindful
Exercise (even if it is just for a minute)
Sleep better
Breathe Easy