Humans of GCDHS

Shelby Colvin, Abby Pierce, and Rachel Ryan

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Mr. Robert Stephenson

I see the condition of the United States in kind of a low point right now, I don’t like all of the divisions we have in our country. There’s too much animosity between people, and there’s too much racial divide in people. There’s too much political divide in people. I don’t like to see people divided; I like to see them unified and that’s what I think our country is suppose to be. So I think that terrifies me. I hate to see where it’s going to go. I want it to get better; I don’t want it to get worse. We’re the greatest country in the world and we need to stay that way. We need to embrace our differences without being mean to each other.”


Mr. Brian Bills


“Moving ten hours away from my friends, and the mountains, the life that I was used to but I was ready for that challenge. I was ready to find something new.”





Mrs. Katie Shawver

“Just remember that every day starts new. You can wake up and be a new person everyday. You don’t have to let what happened to you that particular day define you. There’s so much life beyond high school and that as long as you are giving every day your best and trying to live a healthy life and making healthy choices that you have the potential to go anywhere in this world. But I think the most important thing to remember is that one bad choice doesn’t have to define your future, that we all mess up. We all make bad choices. That might feel like the end of the world today, but is probably not even that big of a deal.”




Ms. Mariann Prewett

“My brother, he is the one that developed my love for science. He was a year and a half older and he would go to school before I was in school. He would come back from school and teach me what he learned. He was always curious about things and what made things work. He gave me a desire to know “why” and not say ‘I can’t do that.’ He was always willing to tackle a project no matter how difficult and go ‘well why wouldn’t that work’ rather than go ‘oh man that’s too hard.’ “




Jaelin Twitchell

“Probably trying to be Steph Curry. He is the best NBA basketball player on this earth and he is very handsome and I just want to be exactly like him. “





Cole Murnion

“Just being a part of the team. Experiencing wins together, loses together, practices together. Building a bond.”





Riata Bolinger


“Family. Because family is important. Without them, you wouldn’t be who you are today. “






Dalton Bliss

“To do what you want with your life and be happy with what you’re doing. Nobody should live in a life of regret.”