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Ava Kreider & Lacey Lawrence

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The day began with the sheriff, tearing through the hallways shouting, “Where is he? I need him now!”  That’s when everyone knew…it was the day of the Jordan Public Schools play. Excitement and feelings of suspense filled the air, faces of exhaustion from long hard practices passed by, and everyone had a smile on their face. The Legend of Robin Hood, Sort of by Pat Cook was finally debuting.   

At the end of April, 2018 the senior and freshman classes put on a play advised by English teacher Judy Billing in the schools multi-purpose room. The play was rehearsed during Senior English as well as after school. The set was put together by the students themselves, and the makeup was done by Jeana Bliss.

When freshman DJ Murnion was interviewed about the play at the beginning of the following school year he explained his experiences and viewpoints on the performance. Murnion had the role of King John, a selfish king with a deep South accent, and was satisfied with his character. One of his favorite parts from the play was when fellow classmate, Derek Reis, shut the curtains at the wrong time during the performance. He was proud to admit that he didn’t experience stage-fright, but was rather just nervous and excited. When asked his overall thoughts on the attendance and final presentation, it surpassed his expectations and went better than he could’ve hoped. Murnion wishes that the play be a voluntary activity and that all four grades could be able to participate. Towards the end of the interview, Murnion stated, “It sounded rough at first, but it got better as we progressed.” He also stated that, “I would be interested in doing it again next year.” And he encourages more people to participate as it is a great time.

Graduated senior, Janna Johnson, was also questioned about last springs school play. Johnson played the role of Freida, a merry woman, as well as a seller. Johnson commented that, “The practices were super fun, and that Mrs. Billing was a great advisor to work with.” Johnson believes that the play would be even better with more students and agrees with DJ’s statement that, “The play would be better as a volunteer thing with the whole high school.” Johnson’s favorite part of the play was the second act because, in her opinion, everyone was more comfortable and loosened up.  Even though Johnson experienced really bad stage fright, the said, “the play was super fun” and would definitely recommend more students to participate in the upcoming plays.

Advisor and English teacher, Judy Billing, chose The Legend of Robin Hood…Sort of because she personally enjoys comedies more and believes that they are perceived by others better. This particular play fit this group best because of the number of students that were participating. Mrs. Billing happily states, “I would like to do another play this year, but do it as an extracurricular that all students of the high school can choose to do.” Mrs. Billing had many favorite acts, but especially enjoyed the scene when, Brem Phipps who played the role of Robin Hood, was in his jail cell making snoring sounds that were hilarious and made her laugh every time. Although the play was an overall success, there were a few difficulties that the group had to surpass; one of these being having to create the set themselves on little funds, time and space. Mrs. Billing was shocked to learn the actual expenses the play generated. Fortunately, there are funds in the school’s speech and drama account that covered most of the costs. In the future Mrs. Billing is looking forward to another comedy and even perhaps a musical. She is excited for the upcoming year.

In conclusion, many agree that the play was a success and are looking forward to this years play. Many things were learned throughout the play and experiences were gained; students are very excited for what the future holds.      

Adviser Judy Billing after her interview. Mrs. Billing is very enthusiastic about the upcoming play.