Did they Pass?

Dalton Bliss, Reporter

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The seniors these past couple weeks have been working on bills for the government class. Mr. Stephenson has been teaching the kids about how to our government introduces bills and gets them passed. He uses this as a way to show the students how hard it is to get an idea that you have to get passed. All the seniors have been working for a little over two weeks on getting all the needed factual information on their bills. The class votes to pass or deny the bill. Each of the six seniors came up with their own bill to pass.

“These bills are a stressful, and honestly have given me a new found respect for the government and how it works.” stated senior Macy Fogle

Trevor Tweeten wanted to pass the bill in Montana to legalize weed, unfortunately  the bill did not pass due to a lack of information. Carson McWilliams wanted to make it so prostitution is legal and with all his factual information and great points as to of why it should be legal, the bill passed with a 3-2 vote.  Kaiden Thomas wants to make the amount of doe tags that a person can get to be less than seven, with little information his bill did not pass.  Macy Fogle made a bill that was to make it possible for employees that worked a wage gap of minimum wage to $10.50, should get a paid vacation, her bill passed with a 4-2 ratio. Eva Phipps wanted to  make it possible for unemployed veterans to reveice jobs as school guards, his bill did not pass due to the lack of information. Johnny Johnson wanted to raise the alcohol tax by only $0.16, which would bring in millions of dollars to the state. He wanted to use the money to go to SHIP and CHIP.