STEM Rubber Band Cars

Dalton Bliss, Reporter

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The Rubber Band Powered Racers that are being built in Science class by the Chemistry and the Freshman classes. “It’s specific to the upper division of science,” said Science teacher Ms. Prewitt. The things that inspired the lesson are “Science Technical Engineering Mathematics or STEM, and the reason I’m doing this is because more kids learn better doing hands on things. That and it teaches them to build something of their own and troubleshooting,” stated Science teacher Ms. Prewitt. The scientific concepts being used are Energy, Wind Power, Friction, and Critical Thinking. Friction is one of their biggest problems, because parts are rubbing together making the racers not work as well. The Rubber Band Powered Racers start off as simple water or Powerade bottles and end up turning into a car that can race up and down hallways. In the freshman class Brenna and Lacey tied for the best design. While Maggie won the distance race going 8.7 meters. The Chemistry class started the project late and have not yet raced.