Boston Reynolds, Reporter

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Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is a big deal especially in high school. Statistics say that 90% of teens have given into peer pressure , while 28% admitting that their social status improved when they went along with their peers. There are many signs of peer pressure,  a few of those signs include,  increased irritability, reckless behavior that seems out of character, possible substance abuse, depression, sudden change of attitude, behavior, or beliefs. states that, “some kids give into peer pressure because they want to be liked, to fit in, or because they worry other kids may make fun of them.” also states that “adolescent conformity to peer pressure influence declines through late high school and college years, and the influence of parents and peers begins to coincide in a number of areas.” The question “how do you handle peer pressure” was asked to Tierney Phipps, Ryan Reynolds and Mrs. Angie Murnion. Tierney Phipps says “I don’t give in if it’s something that will harm me or get me into trouble but if it’s something I think I might regret I give in” Ryan Reynolds says “I fall under it but mostly because I want to do it anyways” Angie Murnion says “ I feel peer pressure about what people think about my parenting skills but  I handle it by trying  to ignore what others may be thinking.”

7 ways to avoid peer pressure

*say NO like you mean it

*be repetitive*

*get away from the pressure zone

*use the buddy system

*ask 101 questions

*back-up a no with a  positive statement

* practice saying  NO

Varieties of peer pressure

*spoken peer pressure

*unspoken peer pressure

*negative peer pressure

*positive peer pressure

*adult peer pressure