Asking a Friend to Play

Liberty Fogle and Grace Mcdonald

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What are you doing at recess? Are you racing to the jungle gym to play tag or trying to reach the best swing first? You may be playing football or getting the basketballs out. No matter what, there is always something to do. Or is there? There were many children that never had anyone or anything to play with. Angie Murnion, 3rd grade teacher, says “I see at least five kids playing alone on average.” Some may want to play alone, but most likely, they are feeling left out.

Many kids are scared to join the other kids playing. Kids should try to be brave and step outside their comfort zone. Instead of asking to join a small group or game, just join. Normally the other kids won’t even notice that the extra wasn’t there before.

Anyone can make friends with these 5 simple tips listed to the right. Kooper Hunter, Skylar Lawrence, and Gwen Miller of fourth grade all said if there was a kid playing alone that they would ask them to play with them. With these five tips they all made new friends.

Grace Mcdonald
1. Walk up to a friend

Grace Mcdonald
2. Wave hi to them and ask if you could play

Grace McDonald
3. Enjoy playing with your new friend