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What Makes a Good Student?

Brynn Ryan

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The qualities of a student determine their future and career path that will shape their country and future .So, who is a good student? What are the qualities of a good student? The term “student”, historically, is referred to anyone who learns something. The recent definition of a “student”,however, is anyone who attends school, college, or university. A good student can have several qualities and characteristics that are naturally endearing to teachers, and here are just a few of them.

Mrs. Billing grades test.

A good student has focus. Focus is subsequently very important to getting the most out of your time as a student. One of the biggest obstacles faced by today’s world that prevent students from focusing is technology. Technology has provided many tools to help you get by in work and other daily activities, but it also has provided ways to waste precious time. Time that could be used to do homework and study. Technology will always be here and continue to grow, therefore, people who learn to focus through obstacles and get their work done will have an advantage in any endeavor they take on.
A good student also must have communication. Students who are confident enough to open up and admit areas they are weak at in a subject is a huge asset. If students have a good way of communicating on what they don’t understand specifically, both teacher and student will benefit. The teacher is able to help the student and the student is able to learn. Students should never hesitate to ask questions, even if they think it’s “a dumb question.” Good teacher will thank you because it is almost never “dumb.”(Even if it is, teachers should be cool about it.)
Good students are motivated. The best students are the ones who are motivated to be successful. Students who lack motivation are often the ones who get into trouble and sometimes eventually drop out of school. Motivation is different from person to person, but they’re very few people that aren’t motivated by something. The ones who want to be at school, who want to learn, and want to succeed are the ones who will go farther in life. Their motivation to be good at school will help shape the motivation they will need to do good at a job in their future. Motivation is key to being a good student.
There are ,of course, numerous different ways a student could be considered a “good student” depending on the person. English Teacher Mrs. Billing says “A good student is a student who takes part in class, does their homework, and gets along with others.” Sophomore DJ Murnion says that a good student is “Somebody who doesn’t suck up to teachers but excels.” In the end a good student is one who learns and works hard, they’re the ones everyone should strive to be.

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What Makes a Good Student?