Do Snacks Have Benefits?

Dawson Murnion and Dillon Smotherman

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Remember being in grade school and having breakfast and an occasional snack before or after lunch to help you through the day.  For many of students this is still the case. But do these snacks offer more than just a full stomach or do they also give an extra boost in learning stamina?
Doctors recommend that children and high school kids should try to fill one of the major food groups every day. These include fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. “Students that eat at least one small healthy snack every day or have breakfast before school have more awareness in class,” stated Mrs. Murnion a first grade teacher at Jordan elementary. Mrs. Murnion recommends snacks to everyone and encourages parents to send a healthy snack with their children or for the older kids to bring their own. Having a healthy snack or eating breakfast every day allows for more awareness in class which allows for higher success ratings. On the other hand unhealthy snacks do the opposite to students.
Unfortunately unhealthy snacks are more common among students because of the crunchy, sweet, salty, and savory textures and flavors.
Some schools are helping to support healthy snack options though. Take GCDHS’s “Nut Hut” for example, the store ran by Mrs. Clark supplies students with healthy snack options during passing time. These healthy options include cheese, apple sauce, sliced apples, Scooby Snacks, and water. However, many students do not bring money to school or genuinely can’t afford to shell a couple bucks each day on snacks. They rely on designated meal times to fill up.
Fortunately, the local school program provides plenty of fruits and vegetables as well as seconds and third helpings on the main course. With most students in sports or after school activities having a full stomach to get through the day is crucial. “It’s a long time from lunch to the end of practice at 6:00,” stated Arielle Billing first grade student teacher.
Coach Beth encourages the volleyball girls to pack simple snacks to eat before practice in order to “fuel up.” However, most are too rushed and busy in the mornings and forget. “I also forget and then don’t have time to run get a snack during the day. Suddenly, it is 3:55 and I have to get dressed and organized for practice so the cycle of hunger and lapses of energy continue.” sighs Coach Lawrence. For many people the first meal of the day is one of the most important. “Breakfast jump starts your metabolism and snacks give your brain an extra boost,” stated Foods Teacher Mrs. Clark
Not only is having a snack throughout the day making the student more aware and on task it also keeps them from being grumpy from having an empty stomach. Having the three minutes in between the classes is crucial for the high school students to get a snack and get to class on time.