How To Step Up Your Halloween Game

Rebekah Fillmore and Jenna Gibson

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Halloween is a fun holiday for adults and children alike.  From costumes and candy to horror movies and Halloween parties almost everyone loves Halloween. Everyone wants to have the coolest costume or the scariest haunted house so here are a few tips on how to step up your Halloween game this year.

  1. Dress To Impress- You can buy a costume from a Halloween store or you can make a DIY costume. There are plenty of cute (or scary) options on Pinterest.
  2. Candy Is Everything-Almost every kid will tell you the best part of Halloween is candy. Chocolate bars, popcorn balls, and even little goodie bags will keep kids coming back to your house every year.
  3. Halloween Crafts– Crafts can be fun for children and adults. From DIY decorations to painting or carving pumpkins.

4. Scary Movie Marathon– A “scary” movie marathon will keep kids of all ages entertained. There are plenty of animated Halloween movies for the little ones such as Hotel Transylvania or The Corpse Bride. As for older kids horror movies such as The Conjuring or Halloween are a sure hit.

  1. Throw a Halloween Party– All of these tips can be combined to form a great Halloween party. You can plan activities and games such as a haunted house or have people dress up for a costume competition. Halloween themed snacks and beverages are also a great addition to any party.

Follow these steps and you will be well on your way to having a great Halloween this year and for years to come!