Do Teens Feel Pressured to “Dress with Less” on Halloween?

Tabatha Bunger, Reproter

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Halloween costumes went from warding off ghosts, to bed sheet ghosts, and now to inappropriate costumes that show more skin than cloth. Todays costumes whether be for a man or a woman seem to want to show more than needed whether your dressing as a piece of corn, a witch, or even a wolf. The people that make these things have found ways to take anything imaginable and turn it into something inappropriate in more ways than one.

Do teens today feel as if they need to “dress with less” because as a kid they didn’t so they need to get away from that child hood? Is it because teenagers want to try and grow up way faster than we need to? Is it because of all the pressure that is put on them to dress that way?

Halloween is a tradition followed by many. It started as a way to ward off evil spirits and protect those who believed in this way. Halloween has been a “who can dress the scariest” but has now become “who can dress with less”. Many teens have been pressured by social media and other stereotypes on what to wear.

Have teens in Jordan MT. felt the need to “dress with less to fit in”? Let’s find out!

Freshman Abby Pierce does not personally feel pressured into dressing inappropriately but she does feel as if other teens feel pressured into dressing with less.
Sophomore Isabella Pierce has felt influenced by the media to dress more inappropriately but has not personally done so. She has seen other teens dress more inappropriately and wishes that today’s society would not feel as pressured.

“Just don’t feel pressured, just be you. Just because others are doing it doesn’t mean you have to”

-Sophomore Isabella Pierce

Teen females are the most affected by these ways. The costumes that are not only advertised but sold at many stores focus on the skimpy aspect. These outfits are short in length, cut outs in spots not needed, tight, or just all around inappropriate .

Parents these days do notice that costumes can be more and more provocative, but they find ways to get away from that by painting the child’s face or maybe adding things underneath, or by just simply making the costume homemade.

English teacher Judy Billing has never really thought about teens dressing inappropriately. Billing has two daughter who she has took part in choosing Halloween costumes. She believes that teens do feel as if they are pressured into dressing inappropriately because of advertising.

In the end teens should cover up and dress to impress themselves, not others. Teens need to be able to wear appropriate costumes while still feeling comfortable and welcomed. Teens, this is for you, remember to be true to yourself and to enjoy this years spooky holiday the way you want to not the way that society wants you to.