Painting the J

Abby Pierce and Mrs. Beth

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The morning of homecoming day two, September 25, 2018, consisted of the freshman and senior classes painting the J(and themselves). The seniors followed tradition by providing mops and rags for the freshman as well as the whitewash. The freshman focused on whitewashing the freshly moved rocks that spelled out “J 19” prepared by the seniors last week. It didn’t take long before paint went flying and kids scattered as a paint fight broke out with every man, woman, and child for themselves. A highlight of the pandemonium was the senior boys preparing to douse the freshman but instead turning on the sole senior girl, Macy, who ended up tumbling down the hill as the boys watched in horror their prank gone wrong. Macy always a good sport, got up and proceeded to make them pay for their dirty deed. The chaos continued for several minutes until the paint was scraped from every bucket and wrung from every mop atop of heads and shoulders, knees and toes, even landing upon some eyes and elbows, ears and nose(s). Spirits were high as the classes came together for a quick group photo before trekking down the hill and across the creek back to the locker rooms for a well-earned shower and more fun at the volleyball rally.